Other than the first fleeting lines that passed through my head midway between my homework in English 3P this morning, I haven't thought of this at all. There was no premeditation for this. I got the idea, forgot the idea, remembered the idea, and here we are.

I Write Stories

I'm not a lyricist,
not a poeticist,
nor any kind of cyst you can think of.
I can't write rhymes, and
melodies don't run through my head.

I can't write an anthem that
will tug on your heart cables,
no riffs and solos
will leave this head of mine.

I'm no musician,
but sure as shit
you can rest assured
I'm a storyteller.

That antem I can't write?
Your grandchildren will be reading it.
The poetry?
It's in that hardback, my friend,
black and white.

That melody?
Those riffs and solos
that seemed to elude my
anxious fingertips as I
held my guitar at night?

Spielberg's making them now.
I've got quite a cut.
Be sure to check it out
sometime next summer.
I'm sure it'll be that anthem I couldn't write.

I'm not a lyricist,
not a poet,
not a musician,
not any of those.

I write stories.
I'm not sure what I think about this piece, thougt it was pretty neet, but not ground breaking, but I'm not that good at crit's, so wouldn't take it so serioucly. don't see anything specific wrong about it, thinks it's pretty neat, but as said, nothing "ground breaking".

If you have some time, please try to crit my text:
I really like the idea behind this song, and the implementation isn't bad at all. It seems though that this song kind of puts the writer in a trap. Because you are writing a song, you need to make it a song, that means a piece of music. But, if you give it a melody or employ any songwriting techniques, you are contradicting your original purpose that you can't write songs. I'm probably overthinking this, as I'm prone to do. I actually enjoyed it though.
If you crit4crit, feel free the critique one of my pieces, the last one in my sig is a different kind of song, and noone else will crit it. If you do I'll give you a cookie
"I is another." - Rimbaud
the first lines 3 are the only ones that really stand out

though i'd change "nor any kind of cyst you can think of" to "or any other cyst" or "or any other kind of cyst"

This was a self-fulfilling prophesy. It felt like a story with line breaks.

Don't limit yourself. You can write anything and make badass melodies you just gotta work at it. Nothing worthwhile comes easy.

(And if you get the chance...check out "Honk if You Love Peace And Quiet. Thanks and keep writing! )
i think it is too direct. personal impression really, but i don't like when people do the very personified thing through an entire piece. i think it makes it pointless for it to be poetry in that regard. but, that is what you're kinda getting at some maybe the style is reflective of the ideas because they mirror one another. nice concepts, just in my opinion the execution could be better.