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Guys, my aunt was working on a film for a commercial, and here, we get to vote for which one wins.

The winner gets $1000. She could really use that money.

So I was hopin' I could get the Pit to help me and her out.

Just go to that Link and vote for Surf's Up, by Anna Hauger.

Make sure you vote as often as possible.

Thanks everyone!
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Surf's Up



What Moves You?



Sir Isaac Newton









Beauty Contest



Use What You've Got



The Escape



Blooming Energy


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Haha Surf's Up is killing it by 42% at the moment.
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voted, that was a good commercial!
and she has 2/3 of the votes so far
(\o )=w==>
./ \

Wow 71%

Hopefully this does turn out like Avery.

I actually like Stuntman better but I'll still vote for your aunt.

EDIT2: Most of these are good.
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Hahaha yeah.

I can't say I'll ever buy any... "All day Energy," but whatever. Hahaha.

Thanks, all.
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Where are the ladies, man?
Voted, good luck to your aunt (y)
wen i ask they say that they fall into the habit smhw ........but nyways i think there is a connection smwhere. Now i being a teetollar will not give into this habit nyhw

done, hmmm looks like she's winning, she has 7 time the next one
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Voted. She's bound to win with 71% of the votes.
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Surf's Up - 72%
What Moves You? - 13%
Castaway - 3%
Sir Isaac Newton - 3%
Stuntman - 2%
Beauty Contest - 1%
Use What You've Got - 0%
The Escape - 0%
Blooming Energy - 0%
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surfs up
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Voting results :

Surf's Up


What Moves You?


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Voted man good luck

♥ ♥

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