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Nice stuff has been suggested so far.
If you like Line6 amps, try the Vetta, it is one of the best modelling amps on the market. 150 watts sond a bit much for home use, but you don't need to turn it all the way up for a good sound.

If you are an experienced player, you can look into high gain tube amps, e.g. the peavey 6505, or VHTs and Bogners. One amp I liked in particular is the Diezel Einstein. Absolutely fantastic sound no matter what you play.
However, these amps are for people with years of playing experience, you'll sound like sh*t if you don't know what you're doing through them.

Talking about guitars, I'd just go for something that feels good in your hands. Keep in mind that Metallica's studio sound is different from their live sound because of different equipment. You don't need an EMG loaded super-strat to sound like Metallica. You'll probably be happier with some PRS or higher end Gibson or guitars like that.

Here comes the important part:
I know it's obvious, but people forget sometimes that Kirk Hammet does not sound like he does because of his signature guitar and amp, or because of the gear he uses in the studio. He sounds like Kirk Hammet because he's Kirk Hammet, period. What I'm talking about is that he's got years of experience that make him the musican he is. He'd still sound like Hammet playing a squire strat, or a Ukulele or an empty cigar box. Buying his signature equipment or similar stuff will not make you sound like him. It will give you the tone he uses, but not his sound.
I hope that makes sense to anyone.
thanks for feedback, not sure about the strat comment and prs. kirk has a fernandez strat copy listed as part of his equipment...... I have seen on video(in the studio) Gibson LP's being used by both quiet a bit to my suprise.
All you need is a wah pedal and a bullet hole in your amp and you should be set.


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I personally think old metallica has one of the nastiest tones I've ever heard.

Guess who likes St Anger...
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Guess who likes St Anger...

Key word: tone, not the actual music.
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