Delay and echo is a must. Add a touch of chorus.
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Delay and echo is a must. Add a touch of chorus.

Echo/Delay, with like a rotary kinda effect = AWESOME. I was just messing with my friends' Boss ME-50(is that the multi-effect pedal? can't remember...) and it sounded so awesome. I was just playing scales too, but it sounded so friggin' kool.
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Drugs and/or soft chorus and delay.

Haha, very true. As far as effects go, definitely some type of modulation like a phaser combined with delay can make a spacey sound. As far as contrasting instrumentation, strum some really open sounding chords with a fair amount of dissonance and let them ring ( with all of your effects) over a really light, fast, and or aggressive drum pattern. Big fat bass chords or octaves with like a bass wah can give you what you are looking fo,r too.
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What are some tips in creating songs with a spacey/space-like sound? Thx.
Umm... be completely silent?
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use pitch shifters.
Use awesome chords like Add9 chords.
Crapload of delay and slow string bends
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Phaser and reverb (not necessarily just on the guitar) and extended chords such as maj7, min7, add9, sus2, sus4, etc. But avoid dissonant chords like dim and aug and chords with a very strong resolution like 7ths. Use chromatics, but don't overdo it and make it sound awkward.

Edit: Also, weird panning and maybe some volume swells with delay.
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General sparsity and sustain with a few brief, intensive runs. Lots of wide vibrato, and some delay, reverb and chorus with a relatively clean sound.