Hey guys,

I'm looking for a real nice tuner at a decent price. I know they have all these crazy tuners that are like accurate to like .000000000000000000000000001 cents and can cost upwards of like $200, but I'm just looking for a simple one function tuner that does its job very well fort he money. Keep it under $80 if you can.

I'm also looking for a DISTORTION (not overdrive) pedal to combine with my Boss OS-2 to give me some insanely heavy dirty tones. I want to be able to replicate the tone Fruciante (sp?) gets for the solo on the Chili Peppers' "Strip My Mind." Ya know, that ungodly sustain resulting from so much drive that his guitar almost sounds like a violin? Remember, I'd like to accomplish this by combining the two distortion pedals, and I will use this one by itself for a way heavier tone to contrast my OS-2 which I have set for more overdrive/classic rock tones.

Thanks guys!
I use a $20 Korg and it works fine for me, do you need an expensive one?
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korg tuners work fine. how much are you willing to spend on your distortion pedal?
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Korg just like everyone has said... the most important part is that you get a:

Chromatic tuner. That way you can tune any note in the scale, rather than just EADGBe.
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I would like to keep the Dist. pedal under $100 if I can. I noticed that in John's live set up, he uses a Boss like DS or OS something or other with some kind of turbo feature, and a Big Muff Pi. I know I don't want the Big Muff because all the reviews I've read say it's more of a Fuzz pedal than a distortion pedal. My current OS-2 is a very versatile pedal, and I would recommend it to anyone, but I just need something to step on when I really want to drive it over the edge.
Actually, if you wanna sound like Frucsiante then you probably want a DS2 and a Big Muff. All these froosh fans swear by their DS2 and Muff.

A muff is really more of a cross between a distortion and a fuzz, really kind of it's own sound.
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