1. Silver Creek D-160 D-160 at Musicians Friend

2.Yamaha FG730s

3. Washburn D10s

4. Alvarez RD20SC Acoustic Electric

5. Ibanez AEL20E Acoustic Electic

6. Fender DG100

I'm looking to get an acoustic after playing electric for a few months. I don't want a huge guitar because I'm so used to the small body. My price range is around $400 but i really dont want to go over $350
i'd go with one of the first four guitars. i've never tried silver creek but if i were presented with 2-4 choices i would pick the alvarez.
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agreed with about. any of those first four are good choices.
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The FG730s is pretty good, I've heard good reviews for it. I have the acoustic/electric version of that guitar, and I love it so far.
I also would choose option 1, 2, 3 or 4. If you go for the Alvarez though, Id choose the standard acoustic over the acoustic-electric.
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I got mine for 400. Check it out. Ive yet to see some bad reviews on it.
I'd go with the Alvarez or the Yamaha. I've never had an opportunity to play the Silvercreek. I'm not a bag fan of the Washburn, Ibanez, or Fender.