I'm on my second year of learning guitar and I've come to the decision that instead of wasting money on video games, or a xbox 360 etc.. I save up for a better guitar than the one I'm using right now, I've been using a squier strat, one of those beginner models, but since the school I go to has a stereotype that the students there are "spoiled rich kids" which I'm not, some judge a musician by their instrument brands.. I'm having troubles on what kind of guitar would fit me and my money range, I have around $350 right now, but since I want to get a good guitar so I wouldn't need to buy another one, I'm willing to save up to around $1000, but I need some guitar names. I thought of a Gibson Les Paul, squier / fender telecaster etc. I like playing rock and some acoustic stuff. Could anyone give me suggestions? thank youz.