Poll: Is downtuning a good thing?
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6 20%
2 7%
depends on the song.
22 73%
Voters: 30.
It's good in that it is not bad. It just is
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Hmmm...I'd say it's not a bad thing generally, but now days in guitar it seems so overused. Very few bands play all in E Standard these days..
Personally I think that the tuning or the guitar is not that important in determining whether a song is good or not. I think that you can have great songs played in C Standard, E standard, F standard, Drop D, Open D or any other tuning you want.

That being said, most of the bands that I know who use drop tuning do not using in a way that appeals to me, so I just don't really listen to those bands. The tuning of their guitars makes no difference to me, as long as they are in tune .

Do you think it sucks? do you think it sounds bad? thats really just an opinion. I like it sometimes, and I don't like it sometimes It's neither good nor bad, it simply is.
i only think its bad is wen its soo low that the strings feel very sloppy and u can bend the string almost all away across the fretboard
It isn't a good or bad thing, it just is. It's just a way of getting extra range, what's done with the tuning is good or bad, not the drop tuning itself.
drop d is boring as are all the metal/metalcore kind of downtunings. generally


it really depends on the song though
its fu ckin lazy! if you want to be heavy write heavy riffs, nt detuned pussy riffs....slayer didnt need to tune down to b on reign in blood....

an its even worse when you detune to change key.... but thats always gonna be the detuners way "errrr i can only write in the key of my low string!!"
I don't see how anyone can think they would be good or bad and vertainly not boring. One could argue that standard tunings is overused. But whatever tuning you are in doesnt determine a set of rules you must abide by in that particular tuning.