So I have an eddie van halen replica that I built and it has a humbucker in the bridge and a whats supposed to be non-working single in the neck but I crave more pickup options.

My guitar is set up like:
The single has two wires: a ground and a hot.
The humbucker has 3: a ground, a hot, and a coil shunt(i think that's what it's called, basically a wire that comes from the intersection between the coils.)
There is 1 volume knob, and no tone knobs.
Currently the 5 way is set up: 1bridge/2bridge&neck/3bridge&neck/4bridge&neck/5neck.

What mods could I do to this set-up?

I also would like to accomplish these mods through the 5 way switch if that's possible.
example: 1bridge/2bridge split/3 bridge and neck/4 bridge split and neck/5 neck.

Is it possible to do this through the 5 way switch?

What about phase reversals?

I don't mind adding one mini switch, but more than that will kill the simplicity of the one volume no tone set-up.

I have this switch

What wiring combonations do you guys suggest? and how would I wire them so I could use the 5 way switch?
I don't think thats possible as your humbucker only has 3 wires, am I right? PM Invader Jim... he'll have the answer!
I'm pretty sure you can coil split with 3 wires.

What i want to know is what wiring mods are most useful and if i can do the coil split through the 5 way switch.