Poll: what is the pits favorite tuning?
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View poll results: what is the pits favorite tuning?
Standard (E A D G B e)
69 53%
Drop D (D A D G B E)
20 15%
Drop C (C G C F A D)
14 11%
Drop B (B F# B E G# C#)
1 1%
Drop A (A E A D F# B)
1 1%
24 18%
Voters: 130.
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mine is Drop C

i Seached this and couldnt find a theard like this so if there is one im Sorry
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I tune every string to E.
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Drop D or Standard, butI found a really cool one from someone on this site, BBBBBB tuning! its ****ing awesome!

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i tune all of the strings until the are so loose if i strum a hard powerchord the will come loose
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E Standard

...modes and scales are still useless.

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D Standard. You can still get good high end like you would if you were in E Standard - especially if you have 24+ frets - and you also get extra on the low end.
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Half a step down. Eb standard.

But I also quite enjoy any of the open tunings, specifically D, followed by E and I have not played with G enough to judge.
E standard.
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drop c ftw. c# is pretty good but not as edgy as drop c
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I usually go between Standard, Drop D, D Standard, and Drop C for most of the music I play. I don't usually go lower than that, although Meshuggah's Drop F# is pretty awesome.

Anyway, right now I'm in C# standard 'cause I'm learning some BTBAM stuff. I'm starting to think this tuning is really awesome. It's probably my favorite tuning right now. Too band not too many bands use it.
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C Standard. D standard for the acoustic.
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Eb Standard, Drop C#, DAGDAD and several open tunings.

I occasionally use others, like Robert Fripp's Standard.
Standard E for electric. Open C# for acoustic (different sound and capo on 1 makes it a nice easy open D)
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Standard because I hate de-tuning but most of the songs I like to play are in Drop D at least, so I deal with it like a true nigga should.
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Open A#13
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D standard or drop C
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Open G, open D, open Dm, open F, open A, open B.

Open B is really fun.
Uh, what about any half-steps between those
hell, what about any standards below/above E

what about any open tunings (though there are lots of those)

I like AADGBe, D# standard, and C# standard
(well, A# and G# cos of my lower string (for the two standards))

I say I'm in "flat", D# standard, most of the time
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It's gotta be half-step-down for me. Gives a beautiful "classic rock" sound, which is perfect for my guitar
7 String- Bb I guess is a good Tuning, can't go wrong with Drop-Gb either
6 String- Usually E standard or Drop D (occasionally C)
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