Well i listened to the whole album and it was not intersting and not good and i only liked 2 songs
the unforgiven 3
the day that never comes
i want to have your opinion on the album and the songs
dude, how can you like unforgiven 3?
Good songs out of Death Magnetic:
All Nightmare Long
The Day That Never Comes ( not 2 good , but...
My Apocalypse

that's it...
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Discussed too many times but yep i agree with you.
I listened to Metallica for 13+ years and i can say
The Day Never Comes is a mix of 3 or 5 old song mix
Unforgiven III shouldn't have an intro with piano and cello
As a fan i took the last albume as an insult.
Good job picking the 2 worst songs on the album, TS.
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all round solid album, anyone new to metallica will love it, any old fans may disagree, but personally i think its v. good

fave songs, hmm Cyanide and day that never comes
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everything is awesome... i mean...the unforgiven III.... well.... it's oooookay...
the rest is pure Metallica, great shit!!
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Best album after Justice tbh. But still pretty crap =(
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