Okay, I'm a complete noob.

I just got Adobe Audition, by collecting money from my college's 'music project' and telling them that we should get Adobe because it's awesome.

Anyway, I've meddled around with it for a bit. Seems quite cool. I've been missing a lot by using Audacity, that much I can see.

Now, I have a couple of free plugins that I've found over the Internet. I was wondering, how do I use them? Like, do I have to put them in a specific folder or something? Could someone please guide me here? Lol.

Also, if you have any other free plugins (guitar, vocals, etc), do put up a link here.

EDIT: I got it.

But do post up some cool free VST plugins. :p
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Fr free vst plugins, check out www.kvraudio.com. They have loads. There's also some great ones on this page. The Buffer override is amazing IMO, if you automate it, and then DFX scrubby is cool too.
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