I have just aquired a new Epiphone Valve jr. stack and have read all the mod pages I can find. I have not read of anyone using NOS tubes in one. I have alot of NOS RCA 12ax7s, and 6bq5's. I figured that the plate voltages might be too high for the NOS tubes. But I said F%^% it and tried it anyway. It sounds like a completly different amp. Sounds awesome, Almost like my 5E3 humped a Vox. but I'm wondering if I am doing any damage? Or can change something out to compensate?
No you should be fine. I have only run NOS Mullards in my valve Jr for years and it continues to sound fantastic.
Its the new production tubes that cant handle the high voltages.

Vacum tube production quality has dropped like a rock since the 70s (or around there). I would feel much safer running a NOS in my amp than some new production tubes from China.
yeah, it's the plate voltages i'd be worried about with NOS tubes. there's a mod you can do, it's over on sewatt.com

beware, there are lethal voltages in tube amps etc. etc., if you don't know what you're doing, don't try to mod it.
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