I've been working on this song for quite some time now and I now consider it finished. I think it sounds quite a bit like Immortal. C4c, as usual.
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Wow. Definitely see the Sons of Northern Darkness influence there.

First of all, the whole song is amazing, so I'm not bothering breaking it into parts. I will tell what I did like the most though lol.

Break 2 was amazing, easily my favourite part (looks like a beast to play though). And the Chorus was my second favourite.

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First off, let me say that black metal usually isn't my thing. I don't mind it, but don't listen to it that much.

That being said, I liked this piece. The intro set the pace, and I liked the chords used in the verse. That being said, I don't think the chorus should have been chords. I don't mind the speed, but I think that having it as chords took away from the piece. I enjoyed the Break 1, it really helped the flow, and Break 2 was nice as well. The Outro went well with the flow of the song, I really enjoyed the ending.

Also, one overall note. I really enjoyed having the keyboards for ambiance. I think it really added to the piece, and made it a lot more enjoyable

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Very nice, I really liked the way you added some powerchords and made awesome riffs, the drums were really good and like AngrySockMonkey said, Break 2 was really good. The choir Aahs were an awesome touch, I just had to turn their volume up a little.

This could make an awesome black metal song, you must record it.

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Wow, don't think I've heard anything like it (but then again, I don't really listen to black metal though, but if black metal is like this you may well have truly converted me). This is pretty epic stuff, and Symphonic elements work perfectly. I'll write as I read:

Intro is pretty sweet. Not much to say on that, its just freakin awesome :P. Verse is also freakin awesome.

While the chorus is sweet. I don't think it stands out that well. Not saying it does fit though. I could see the intro riff working as a chorus too. good thing you come back with the "re-intro", cause I really do enjoy it

Break I truly is a break, I love it when a song actually slows down without the tempo changing, always feels more natural. Break II I wouldn't really call it a Break, but I don't know what else you would call it :P. Outro is also effective, love it when a song ends at the beginning XD.

Looking very briefly at the song structure, to me it looks really bizarre, bit less traditional (is this normal for black metal?). 9/10 from me, from looking at wikipedia, Black Metal doesn't have many guitar solos, but I could easily see a guitar solo fitting in your song O-o. Also to mention that the song flows perfectly :P.

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