what is improvise exactly? i might have the wrong perception.
and how do you do it? more details would be helpful thx
improvising is just playing whatever comes to your head whether it be a chord progression or a solo. pretty simple.

Improvisation (also called extemporization) is the practice of acting, singing, talking and reacting, of making and creating, in the moment and in response to the stimulus of one's immediate environment. This can result in the invention of new thought patterns, new practices, new structures or symbols, and/or new ways to act

in musical terms, that is, make something up which may (or may not) feel natural, usually in the form of chord sequences or singualr notes ie: from a scale
I'll let you know what improvising means to me.

Improvising is going with what you feel, knowing what notes to hit and in what tempo to bring across a certain emotion that you want to put out. Improvising isn't pre-planned it is done on the spot with the heart playing and coming out through your music.

How to improvise.

Well it's quite hard really. I still can't achieve my own improvising definition. You should know theory, scales, and the likes. It's important to know what note is gonna go with the surrounding notes that you have just played.

To start improvising you should learn the scales. Start with the Major, all scales are driven off of the major scales. I love to improve in the minor and minor pentatonic at the moment. I incorporate other scales for different moods and feelings.

Now I am no where near "good". I just know what improving means to me and what I need to do to accomplish it. You can either take my words and apply them to your guitar or listen to other's that will respond to this.

Hopefully this kinda answered your questions. Any further and I will try to assist ya.

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You can't be told how to improvise, it's a really personal thing, but if you want to practice it, heres something i do alot. Of course if you have a band to play with your improv will get better but this is for those that dont.

Get some Joe Satriani. It's easy to improvise to and there's no lyrics so you can play whenever you want.

Chuck it on your stereo and dial in a tone somewhere close to his, make sure you;re in tune etc and start playing what comes to you.

You'll play utter crap to start off with, but your ears start to hear what would sound nice in a certain spot and what scale to use where etc.

Also you can use it to train your aural skills by figuring out the melody/chords by ear.

BTW using Satch was just a suggestion, you can do this with any music you want, but i find it easy to improvise to his songs
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In musical terms, it is playing something without knowing what you are going to play before hand.

Of course, with experience, you can begin to plan out your improvisations, but you start without knowing exactly what you are going to do/
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