Well, its just about time for me to take them, I've got an hour or so before I have to be there. I'm not too thrilled, but not nervous.

Who else is taking/has taken them today, and/or has good or embarassing experiences with the SATs?

Just thought I might ask.
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I'm taking them today

then straight to band practice and trying out for a battle of the bands.

Not excited about the SATs. =[
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im taking them im a couple of hours as well, NOT looking forward to it, especially with all this pressure on me to get at least a 600 on the math (which im HORRIBLE at) so i dont have to take a course in college.

so yeah, and also, tonights our homecoming dance which was a incredibly stupid idea to put homecoming on SAT day because now whoevers taking it this morning is going to be all braindead and whatnot at the dance
Taking mine in March. And we take the ACT here.
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in our mental maths, the tape kept cutting out with a weird echo effect for like 5 mins at a time while the tech people got it going again :-)
That was pretty funny
I don't know what a SAT is, but it sounds really hard.

Good luck, guys. May the Force be with you.
well i just got back from mine, i feel pretty alright about it, hopefully better than my last one. i know one math section i probably didnt do too hot on, but overall i thought i was pretty easy what does everyone else think about thiers?
I took it today too. I thought the math sections were very easy. The reading passages were incredibly boring though.