You’ve got the powder on the table,
And a rifle in your pocket,
These walls are spinning now.

Say goodbye to another worst enemy,
Take another shot in the dark,
I hope you miss.

Graffiti in my mind,
It’s feels like demons on my throat,
Drown yourself in sweat and blood,
As your feet collapse under the weight of it all.

We better cry wolf again,
The angel descends from anywhere but heaven,
Take me now, take me now,
You know, you know it’s way too far again.

And nothing ever happened,
My eyes never rested in this place,
Fake it now, fake me now,
You know, you know it’s way too far again.

Breaking the bottle reopens the wound,
Self-protection never saved anyone,
But there’s no harm in trying.

Say hello to your new best friend,
The signature on the bottom says,
Nothing that you can read.

I’ve one last thing to say to you,
You’ll never disappear,
I’m leaving now, I’m leaving now,
But the suffering will breathe with me forever.
I'm here to help

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And a master of storytelling...

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