Which sticks do you prefer ?

by the way, i play guitar too ffs ! :P

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Guitarists, assemble!
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Triangle-ists, assemble!

Edit: I don't like those Joey Jordinson ones. Normal ones are good.

I'm not a drummer though. Just speaking from times I have attempted to play.
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Guitarists, assemble!

We've been here literally the entire time you have...
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Wooden ones
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Wooden ones

Now we're getting somewhere. You see, not all drumsticks are wooden.
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Tama. Not the 7As like in the pic though, I prefer the more straightforward 5A and 5B.




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I play on my brothers set a little, I couldn't tell you what kinda stick he uses tho, they're quite heavy tho, which I like better than light ones.
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I use Zildjian Tré Cool Artist Series (2B) Sticks.

Green Day haters, don't bother hating. I use them because:
A) I like Green Day. A lot. Like "I have all their albums, EPs, Singles, Compilations etc" a lot.
B) Every other set of sticks i've used broke after about 2 weeks because I'm insanely heavy handed. These ones last me about 4 months and for £8.50/$17, you can't argue with that. Plus I prefer bigger sticks, I have big hands so they have to be chunky otherwise I tend to fling them everywhere because I physically can't hold onto them xD
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