Poll: Would you prefer the LTD's without the 12th fret logo and instead a inlay that fits?
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View poll results: Would you prefer the LTD's without the 12th fret logo and instead a inlay that fits?
I would prefer them without the 12 fret logo
9 47%
I prefer the 12th fret logo
10 53%
Voters: 19.
A prime example would be ESP viper-500

For me, it would look SOOO much nicer without the 12th fret just jutting out like that

anyone feel the same?...

They could just put it behind on the headstock... jesus
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Id say it depends which type of inlay is on the fretboard, larger ones like on the EC series and Viper aren't too bad, as they almost blend in.
Guitars like the M-1000 and the MH-1000 look awful with it.

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i dunno. i think every fret board should have something inlayed on it. maybe not self promotion, but in this case i think it's good.
I hate all fret inlays which are not the dots, diamonds or fins. I feel it really spoils some nice guitars. I was leafing through TG the other day and come across what i though was a really nice looking guitar but it had some really daft 12th fret inlay with the name of the brand. It just comes across a little tacky imo.

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I agree. For different reasons than most. I'm not against inlays (I love the pearl inlays on Gibsons, and love how black dots look on maple fretboards), but I hate the ESP 12th fret thing. It just looks sh*t. It just stands out for too much and looks rubbish. Why would you have the model of the guitar displayed like that? I mean, it's not always even something to shout about on the cheaper ones. If it weren't for the writing, that single block inlay might look quite nice.