What kind of picking is this? The same figure appears in the 30-hour workout, and he says that that's economy/sweep picking. But, shouldn't strict economy/sweep picking be like down - up - up, because here he seems to throw in both alternate and economy picking.

Can somebody explain the idea behind this picking pattern?
Yeah, that is a weird picking mix. Perhaps it gives a certain feel to it, doesn't he say anything more about it?

edit: It's not strictly economy picking, but it's a relativly common way to pick when doing similar sweeps like that.
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I would say its probably sweep picking, maybe not in its strictest definition, just he's got a strange approach to when changing direction

I think somewhere in the article that goes along with the 30 hour workout he mentions just learning the most screwed up picking patterns and fingerings you can think of
embrace the weirdness
Figure 9 = 11.

I don't really see the point. With alternate picking you get an agressive sound, with sweep picking a more fluid one. I feel it's kind of awkward to mix those... but maybe it makes sense.
either use alt or econ. that's just silly the way it's written there.

The same figure appears in the 30-hour workout
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I would say its probably sweep picking

but most probably it can be called economy picking..
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if you say your ass is silly, who am i to say it's not true??

but yeah, i'm a fanatic economist, so...