I recorded this in pieces, I recorded the acoustic part months ago, I recorded the piano part a few weeks ago, and recently I decided to combine them and add a distorted part at the end, so I did, The quality isn't stunning, but it's not awful either. I used the microphone on my laptop to record everything, taking this into consideration I think it tunred out very well. For the Piano and Synths I used a Yamaha PRS-413 kayboard, for the acoustic guitars I used an Epiphone Electro-acoustic, for the solos and distorted guitars I used an Epiphone Les Paul Standard, and the drums were programed with Acoustica Beatcraft. So there's all the background for you, and here's the link, please leave some crits, all returned as is customary here, and hope you enjoy it

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Am listening now.
Nice piano intro
Nice chord progression on the guitar, follows on very well from the piano bit.
Nice lead line here, although the playing is shockingly bad
Ok, now I'm 4:30 through the piece and nothing's really developed. If you have an intro this long you need some sort of variation.
Now I've come to where it changes. Damn this is appalling - I was hoping after such a long intro based on the same ideas, you would then go into a metal bit based on it, now it changes to something completely unrelated, and still on the same dynamic level. Still, it's quite a nice idea, although it would definitely be better in a different track entirely.

All in all, you have nice ideas, you just need to learn how to develop them and actually structure a decent song.
Whoa! Another Welsh Person on UG.
Some nice idea's here, I liked the piano into, could do with a little more variation in the chord progression. The quality is not the greatest, the lead is too tinny and there's a "bassy" hum in there too. The intro was a little long but when it kicks in I thought it was pretty good. It's just needs a better lead with a bit more beef to it. Overall it's pretty good.


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cool song man

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