Hi all.
Im going to start recording music to the extent that it won't sound awfully lo-fi when recording samples with a mic for making Aphex twin-like music- e.g recording banging metal rods and also some straight forward guitar line in recording.

I've heard good reviews of the e-mu 0202 aswell as a nice selection of software and It has both a 1/4 inch + mic input- and I'd most likely never need more than that.
I don't need another midi jack (unlike the 0404).
My system has enough power to run it smoothly too.
+ the added bonus of being about £75

Any downsides to the 0202? Its not going to be a Hi-def tool as of yet- just something to write some simple songs on for friends etc. I might even link it up to a bass or keyboard going through a multi fx. That going to be a major problem?

Note that if you have a better bundle andd souncard for under £100 please do say.
Also- the mic I have- honestly isn't that great being a low budget 1/4 cheapy mic, so anyone got any mic ideas that won't need external phantom power? prefferably under £100 too- although I know thats not going to be uber uber great, the samples will probably be processed anyway with a vast array of vst effects.

So yeh- a good buy?
There's a good chance that what I've written above is useless and if you take any of the advice it's your own fault.
Well I have it and I've never encountered any problems with it. Sometimes the pre-amps can be a little noisy, but i'm never sure if thats the pre-amps or the equipmet connected to it, or if theres is interefence.

www.myspace.com/theelastics - if you listen all our songs were recorded using it and some old but decent dynamic mics (btw listen on the little cassette app thing instead of the music player, which is broken)

Overall, it's great value. You get lots of free software, and Sonar LE is now my program of choice. I hardly feel restricted by it, although I occasionally hit the plugin limit.