it,i want to learn how to solo better and how to modulate and stuff but i dont know what to learn. Ive been playing for a bit over a year and a half.
Scales, modes, modulation theory, and scales.
going beyond pentatonics is tough but its worth it.
arpeggios, aspecially on natural major and minor chords. once you master those you can study other arpeggios ( maj7, 7,b5,#5,dim,...).
if you practise scales I recommend switching from scale every 4 notes you play, or for example go up in G major and come down in Eb minor, then back up in A major,... ( in the same position!!!) don't stay to long in a scale, because if you do, you don't know what notes you were playing, but you start playing what's in your fingers, not in your head.