i need a nice 24-fretting guitar thats pretty cheap.
not really looking at anything over $200 unless i really like it
so far ive checked out the dean vendetta and the BC Rich SOB
any suggestions are greatly appreciated
thanks in advance
[sorry about not specifying currency. xD]
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Ibanez RG120's around that I think
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A cheap Ibanez RG of some kind? Like an RG321 or something; the entire RG series is 24 fret I believe so all you have to do is get a cheap one with no trem.
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low end dean, low end ibanez, low end LTD.... honestly, just go to a store, play one some and figure this out yaselves.... just don't expect the greatest of build qualities
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ltd ec 100 qm i have one and it rocks
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LTD 50 series, my Viper was 200 and it has 24 frets. I warn you, the G-String is a bitch
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My main 6 string is an ibanez rg120 (haha), that I got on craigslist for $60 dollars and it gets the job done. For a 60 dollar guitar, it has decent pickups and a decent neck.
Moral of the story, buy something used (I always use craigslist)