For a while I've been looking for a reasonably nice electro-acoustic, having always been an electric player. A few weeks ago I came across a Cort SFX6W in a local guitar shop, but because the person selling it was being a tard, I couldn't buy it. Given that it was a very nice guitar and I liked it a lot, I asked the owner what sort of price I could get a new one for.

Here's the problem: the SFX6W is £389 (About $680, I think), which is a bit over my £300 budget. The owner recommended the SFX1F at £249 ($440).

Now, both these guitars have virtually the same spec - same shape, same Fishman pickup, etc. The only real difference is that the SFX6W is made from Cedar and Walnut, and the SFX1F is made from Spruce and Mahogany.

My question is, are Cedar and Walnut worth the extra £140? From what I've tried, Spruce sounds nice, but I've not been able to try a Cedar/Walnut guitar. Does anyone with more experience have any thoughts on this?

Sorry if I made it kind of long-winded. Thanks in advance.
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Cedar and Walnut would sound pretty different than Spruce/Mahogany. Cedar is mainly used more for nylon-string acoustics, and i think its more mellow than Spruce. Id at least try it out, it might not be worth the extra money to you.
yea if i were you i would sit down in a shop and play all of the acoustics you can get your hand on, because i went into a local music store and ended up LOVING a breedlove guitar thats like 800$ new, but it was only 670$ at the music store.
But all of te acoustics i played were different, i played a martin and it was nice, but it was too thin in my likings, and then played some corts and such but i loved the roundness of the one i wanted, and also they all have different action so you best try them out.

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