Hey everyone,
I am away from the US for the next few months, but the espn gamecasts just aren't doing it for me anymore. Is there any website or service that would allow me to watch the games even if i had to pay. I tried doing the MLB tv thing, but they only have the audio feeds of the games, and I really want to watch them. Anyone have any suggestions?
Yes, but it costs some money. It is called MLB Live, and if you go on to mlb.com it temporarily shows a bit of it as a teaser. Then if you click that, and give your sweet sweet moneys, you can get it.
i think they might all be blacked out though. Every game is aired on TBS, so i don't think that they will broadcast it on mlb.tv
Thanks for the help guys, because I am out of the US I am able to watch the games after paying, and it works. Thanks again