Basically, it's an extended version of the song. I dabbled into a bit of techno-ish effects towards the end of the song. And I put my voice through a distortion pedal and whistled a 'guitar solo'. Lots of cool stuff here. Do check it out.

its cool as an idea, but the tone ends up getting a bit jarbled/muddy with all the effects... on the voice its cool, but some of the other static just seems unecessary... it could have done well with a bass track as well.
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you are my new hero cause i do the exact same thing but i suck at it

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sounds weird, but COOL!!!
keep it up

but i agree with latinosuperstud, it could have done with a bass line
Thanks for the comments, guys.

I actually wanted to just do a stripped-down acoustic version for the first half, then throw in bass lines, haunting synths and drums for the 2nd half, but I didn't have time to program the drums. So I decided to just run my voice through the weirdest effects I could think of.