Hi all

I waned to know has anyone a idea how can i fix this problem with my guitar the deal is this

About three months ago i bought this cheap guitar which sounded awesome had no problems nothing but after some time the second fret of the E and A string started not to work fine it had some kind of buzzing but still i kept playing and now the 3 first frets of all strings don't work well
If any one has an idea how can i fix it plz PM me or just reply
what bridge has it got?
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Either your action is too low, your nut is broken, your neck is warped, or you just need some new strings.
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It would be very helpful to know what kind of bridge you have.
The following is a short list of things that might fix the issue:

[1] Adjust your action, or bridge/saddle height.
[2] Replace your nut, as the string slots might have deepened due to friction.
[3] Make a Truss Rod adjustment. (Probably not the case but if all else fails...)

And yes its even possible that your frets have worn down severely.

The best way we could help you would be to see various pictures at the correct angles. Such as various angles with a close up of the nut, a side shot of the neck (so that you can see the string height) and various angles of the bridge.
are your frets just worn? try adjusting your bridge/saddles, replace your nut, adjust the truss rod.