What the hell is with the gay names? The Fratellis, the wombats, the zutons, the arctic monkeys, get cape, wear cape, fly...etc

Why are all these names freaking gay? Seriously. Iv seen them live on youtube and tv and they all jump around like their on cbeebies or some other kids thing.

They're hoping originality of music can be replaced with originality of name.

Also, it makes them more entertaining to bring up in conversation (that is, until all the popular band names out there turn into this crap).

EDIT: The name trend of "The [word]'s" came from Motown groups back in the 60's (e.g the Pips, the Supremes, the Temptations). Unfortunately, modern bands have picked up on the worst naming trend in music history (hence, the Fratellis, the Wombats, the Zutons, etc.).
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I kind of like The Arctic Monkeys but I've always thought of The Wombats as a bit eh.

(I'm talking about the names obviously)
I like the names personally.
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Any genres has horrible band names. I happen to think Metal has the worst ones because it's either a word that cannot be pronounced, or a tough sounding phrase.
Strapping Young Lad? Please.
Nosferatu? No thanks.
i'm against you with the fratellis, fratellis means 'brothers' in italian, so i think it's a pretty cool , well thought name, not just random words put together. I do agree though that some names sound utter crap
That's what she said
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You cant talk about anything. Everybody reports everything. Jeez
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why was it even reported?
anyway i heard the fratellis was named after their manager
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why was it even reported?
anyway i heard the fratellis was named after their manager

Because the topic post is incomprehensibly subjective, and what I would call trolling.

And really guys? The Fratellis were the bad guys in the movie The Goonies.
Well....technicaly it's impossible for names to be gay as that would imply that there are two sexes of names, and that that name in particular likes the same sex of names....or something.

Anyway, on topic. Neutral Milk Hotel.