Anyone know how to beat this? I have been binging like an obese man these past few weeks on sugery foods which is weird since prior to this I had a good healthy diet and never really was a huge fan of sweet foods. It's weird though cos I'm never actually hungry when I have the sugar cravings, I just have a massive desire for sugar which lead to ridiculous binges . Anyway has anyone managed to overcome their addiction to sugar? The way I have been eating the past few weeks will send me to an early grave if I don't stop these sugar binges

The worst part of it is that at the end of each binge I usually end up trying to puke as much as I can out which is not good. I might actually contact my GP about this cos' it's gotta stop.
i would see a doctor, if this has come out of nowhere, it can't be good, and if you're trying to throw up after, its even worse.
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I've never heard of a sugar addiction before, are you sure you didn't just make it up?

oh that is great!

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i hear during a female's "cycle", they seem to crave a lot of sweets. so to the TS, it's ok to have these cravings.
eat some sugar!
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are you like..14?
if you are, it's normal.
I eat LOOOOOOOOOTS of sugary stuff ... but I still need like 20 more kgs to be normal
I'd love at least 70...
anyways...it might be normal.
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Start drinking water/ chewing gum. Chewing stops you from feeling hungry.

Stay away from the cupboards and find something else to occupy you.
I heard once that if you crave something , It's cause your body needs it. But if your taking it excess that's probably not good. Go see a doctor or something or eat more fruits which have natural sugar in them , just don't overdo it lol.
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There is no such thing as sugar addiction, it's just you. Get over it.
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I swear you actually get addicted to sugar. I went like, a week without sugar, and I started going through withdrawals...
when i used to have to watch my weight for wrestling id always get sugar cravings and it uausly came from pop and i eventuly just stop drinking it. now when ever i get stressed i get them and i end up drinking a pop