Weird voice, but it's cool. Cool drumbeat, but it's repetitive. I can't tell if there is a bass, but if there is it's doing exactly what the rhythm guitar is doing, so whatever on that. The soloey sounding bits were cool like the other guy, I like the way it sounds pretty laid back and has the fast soloey bits over that and all. I could picture hearing this on a rock radio station. Sounds like 1990's, I dunno what it is, but it reminds me of Smashing Pumpkins.
Don't know why, but I thought of Earthbound. Huh.

I have to say, I didn't care for the vocal effect. The rest of the song sounded good, but the vocals pushed it over into, "I think I'm listening to this underwater," territory. Too processed, overall.

I will say this, though, you channeled some Billy Corgan, in a good way.
This is really great. It reminds me of Primus, and Megadeth at the same time. The vocals and little guitar interlude are pure gold.

Crit mine please?
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thanks for the crit on mine,

I liked it, nice rhythm guitar in the verses, and the bits in the fills in the chorus are great haha, the solo was cool too, and the bit after it is funky, although I would say the leads do get a little repetitive, but other than that, s great listen

and cool, you're from wales too?
Yeah, the voice is kinda weird, but cool. Reminded me of Mustaine sometimes. The guitar work is great - it sounds in place and does a good decoration to the song
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Thanks for the crit.

This song is very well put together, sounds quite professional. Really like the guitar leads. The voice in the verses doesn't sound that great though... there's something funky/awkward about it but when the chorus comes in it sounds good. The solo around 2:00 is okay, but I think it would be a lot better if you tried something more melodic with it instead of just playing a butttonne of notes.

Overall though this is a very good track, well done!
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Thanks for the crit everybody.

Yeah I know what you mean about the solo ^^ . I did have a melodic solo written but then I changed it. I was trying to get a sound like a whirlwind.
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i liked it.

Kinda unique voice i liked. Some cool little lead guitar bits in there too.

Solo was interesting.

song was consistent. all the parts fit very well together as well as the singing.

I liked it. Keep it up!
interesting sounding song man, i really enjoyed the quick leads, and the chorus bits were catchy. the main solo needs some mixing up though, something melodic to compliment the song a bit more. did i hear some sweeps in that verse after the solo? nice work man, good to hear something unique for a change!
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This is a new song that I just recorded. I could do with some advice any comments are apprecieated so feel free to tell me what you think. Also I'll give C4C


Cool song -

I like the voice because it is different and it stand out.
Overall song is well structured and I really like the rhythm guitar
Solo are great - maybe too much (don't get me wrong - I like shred!). I am saying maybe focus the solos as they fight with the rest of the space in the song.

Anyway - great track.


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