Only member is me at the time. Drummer moved to englad for a couple of years so drums are programed. Anyway, this band have been around since 2005. But not until last year we got more active. So far songs are just instrumentals.
Tell me what you think of my 3 newest songs and please tell why/why not you like it. "It suck" or "it's awesome" isn't enough in my opinion.


I am the light

Black and dreadful

I don't care much about genre but I would like to call it Experimental Black/Death Metal.

EDIT: This is a link to my account at Uhørt, a norwegian artists website or what I should call it. Although it is norwegian everyone can understand how to use it just simply by clicking the icons to the right for the song titles (click the speaker icon to listen).
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hei er du norsk?
jeg er...........
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hei er du norsk?
jeg er...........

Jeg er også!

Now, don't spam the forum with non-english posts.
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Nice to see that there are other norwegian people here as well, but DON'T talk norwegian on a english forum. And please don't spam with that you're a norwie. I want comments on my music
So, please edit your posts if you're planning to listen to the music.
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Put the songs on myspace so you don't need to spend time downloading them
I'll write as I listen.
I am the light Starts off cool, like the pinch harmonics, could do without the keyboard. Nice riff after wards, kindof boring drums, dont like the tripelet riff, but harmonizing its pretty cool. Nice blastbeats, boring riff however. still not digging the keys- general impression, sounds pretty cool, but too much gain in the recording

Pandemonium- cool opening riff, like the use of two guitars, bass sounds a bit high, good riffs continuing on, boring drums, boring riff at around 1:35. Like the keys in this song. boring riff during the pedals, like the pinch harmonics even though its the boring riff-general impression put a super 666 blast per minute chugging riff that lasts a while

Black and dreadful, like the chordal riff, good tone, doesnt fit into well with distortion, try less gain. Dont like that little key board thing in the distortion riff. Boring harmony. Repetitive, I like the break riff- general impression- needs speedy parts

You should make somemore speedy parts a solo or two, vox would be pretty cool, but try to do them nicely, so much black metal has bad vox production. Lengthen the songs, but not by repeating riffs.

Good job sounds good, what program did you use?
Hey thanks for comments so far They're instrumentals because only I am the light have lyrics yet so I'll wait with recording vox untill I have all lyrics done. I'm adding a link to a norwegian website to listen to the songs then. I don't have time to upload the songs so the MySpace account at the time.
Thanks again.

Mepmep: What keyboard thing in Black and dreadful? No synth in that one. Only drums, bass and guitar
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maybe its a harmonic strutter, its a high pitched downshifting thing. I thought it sounded like a synth. An example is at 2:09.