so how do i do this? i have a pretty good handle on fruity loops.but i cant record with fruity loops. im using audacity.... so what i was thinking of doing is recording with a metrenome (click track) so when i import the guitar tracks into fruity loops, everything will line up to the midi intruments. would this be a good way of going about techno metal?
i actually do one of these 2 things:

1) write song with guitar, think up synth sounds to use. write drumbeats and loops in FL with guitar in hand to make sure drums and guitar line up. add synth tracks in fruity loops. master tracks down to .wav format and export to better recording utility (i use acid) record all live instruments in acid

2) write entire techno song in fruity loops, export each track as wav files to acid. open acid up and work with the song and determine how i want the guitars to go over it and then record the guitars.

really the only variance is making the songs more guitar centered or more electronic/techno centered. i personally prefer writing the majority of a song in fruity loops and using the crappy guitar plugins they have and midi'ing out the guitar/bass with those so i have the whole structure down and i can make quick arrangements and rearrangements so if i decide halfway through the song "i want a cool synth part here" its easier to drag and drop everything into place. then when i master everything down i just omit the crappy guitar/bass synth and replace it with real guitar and bass.

also once the basis of the song is complete, add additional drum loops to fill out the sound. check the internet for them, i've got well over 50 gigs of drum/bass/synth loops just from looking around and downloading.
are you thinking more along the lines of Infected Mushroom or more like Ministry?

I thought they added in audio recording in a later version of fruity loops?

other than that, yes, record with a click track then you can do whatever you want with your riffs, treat them like any other samples
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thanks. I will look into acid. recording with a click track will make me able to just have "Riff samples", and i can experiment with orders and combinations.Guitar pro is especially handy for creating synth. tab it out, export as MIDI, then you can drag it onto a piano roll of any instrument in fruity loops. cool!