So when a body part is cold blood doesn't flow as efficiently hindering performance and increasing risk of an injury. Because of this, people in sports warm up before big events to keep the body warm and circulation going.

When I am playing at gigs sometimes my hands start to freeze and I can't figure out how to get it warm again... I feel a gloves keeps it from getting colder but doesnt get it warm fast enough between sets, and bar owners are still a little stingy on upping heat till snow hits the ground...

How do you all keep your hands warm during shows so you can play at 100%
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Sit on them.

yea, i usually do that. put them in your back pockets and sit down. or if there's a sink run them under hot water for a little bit. but be sure to dry them after wards, or else they'll freeze even faster

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if your hands are cold, Dont run them under hot water. You'll get chill blanes. Sittin on them probably is your best bet
also you could try fingerless gloves but even those may hinder your speed and flexibility so it's up to you
yeah i got this problem to.. when i am at home i close the window and up the heat when i practice.. but you can't do that when practicing with a band or playing at a gig
don't use water your fingers get all soft after a little while and then it can't be hard to play because your fingers then have a higher friction..
Do you have Raynaud's too? It's a bitch. I can usually get through a song, even with my fingers freezing, until I get to the solo in which they don't want to move at all.

My doctor said running your hands under hot water makes it worse. I have thin cotton gloves I wear when I know I'm going to play soon so my hands warm up.
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I've only ever had this problem once and that was when I brought my acoustic on a campout in december, I couldn't figure out what to do. I'd say wear gloves while sitting on your hands in between songs. I think fingerless gloves might help but I don't know if they would effect your playing or not.