Is there anyway to lower the string tension other than a lower gauge string? Because I've played other basses with exactly the same strings and gauge as mine, yet the strings are a lot looser, making it easier to tap, and helps me to stop digging in and not clip the signal. Can anyone shed some light on the situation please?
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Thinner strings, as you already said.
Down tuning is a way too.
Lowering the action is another way. This doesn't reduce string tension, but it makes it easyer to fret the strings. Perhaps the strings on your bass are bit higher above the frets than usual.
Shortening the scale is the best way to achieve low string tension. You're sure you are comparing basses with similar scales?
An easy proof of concept you can put to the test is down tuning two half steps and then putting a capo on the second fret. That way you effectively convert your bass to a short scale. Not for regular use of course, but just to see what it does and how it feels.
Thanks for the reply.

I don't usually de-tune, as I play stuff like Dream Theater, so I play a 5 string.
My action is pretty low as it is, now long enough to have fret buzz, but low enough for tapping comfortably. I'm definitely comparing basses with the same scale, and I'm not a big fan of short scales, it feels unnatural to me.
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Damn you and your ninja-like modding
You've pretty much ruled out all possibilitys. It must be something that makes your strings feel tighter while they actually are not. Neck profile perhaps, or fretboard width? Even a thing like the length of the strap can make a difference.
Check your nut slots. If the strings are tight in their slots, they'll be less mobile throughout their length. A bit of pencil graphite or 'Nut Sauce' in the slots can make a difference to 'feel'.
Or try high-mass strings like DR Lo-Riders. There's more metal in those for reduced tension at pitch.