A Gibson may be a possible choice for guitar that I am getting, and I think I've narrowed it down to the LP Custom and the LP Classic. Can anyone tell me the difference between the two? And if it matters, I'll be playing it out of a 50W tube amp.
The differences could be the wood and the pickups.
You should try the two out to be sure, get the feel of the guitars and choose your best.
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Finishes, hardware color, and pickups maybe. I also think the neck carve is different.
What years? Classic may be a cheaper or lower end and the custom is the better guitar. The classic may have some weight reduction. Need to know years and etc. If you like the sound of a non-chambered, look at the new 2008 Traditional. I have one and it is awesome. I prefer it over the standard and it is a few hundred bucks cheaper of the two. The 59s (pickups) sound great, I like the 50s style neck and the non chambered body has a better tone.
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The finish, the pickups, the hardware and I'd imagine the necks are different but I know they're both on the thinner 60's side.
The classic has a thinner neck while the custom has a nice thick one, and the custom has 490R and 498T and the classic has some thing else, idk what.
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If you're talking about a Les Paul Custom from the Custom Shop, then that's probably going to be a better guitar.

Although, if you like the way the Les Paul Classic feels and sounds then definitely go for that one because it's bound to be cheaper.

I have a Les Paul Classic and I love the way it feels and sounds. The main differences in the two is that the Custom is made by the Custom Shop, so it'll be a solid-body guitar while the Classic will probably have a weight-relieved body, Custom will probably be crafted better than the Classic, the Classic has a '60s neck, the Custom will probably have a '50s which is a bit thicker, have PAF pickups (if it's all original), hardware color, finish, etc.

But try both guitars out and see what you like.