I play mostly fingerpicking instrumentals like Andy McKee stuff. I own a normal Kyser capo that can either bar fully across the fret, or clamp down 5 strings. I also own a funky third hand capo. Now, I finally need a capo that can just partially bar the strings.

Andy McKee uses a schubb. I am learning Rylynn now, which capos only 4 strings. My Third Hand can do it, but on the open 2 side, the capo gets in the way of my playing.

Andy McKee:

Schubb Capos:

The 2 Capos I see are "Schubb Original C Series," and "Schubb Deluxe S Series"

One is $15, one is $20. What is the difference? Are these the right capos that will partially capo - from 4 strings to all 6?