I am thinking about getting a wah for christmas, and am thinking along the lines of a dulop crybaby, simply because someone at school has one and i like how it sounds... Now the trouble is, there are tons of models, and I really dont know which one I would want... Which would be the best for a first wah? Does it even make a difference? Thanks alot.

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Weeping Deemon is crap, take Crybaby 535q. It's good enough for Satriani.
I'd advise you not to get the slash one. Its quite expensive, especially if you don't use the distortion side to it. Plus if you are stupid it will attack your fingers.

/traumatic personal experience.


Explains everything.

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^What the eff? While I agree, the slash wah is overpriced. The wah sounds fine, but the distortion is all but useless.
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i like the zakk wylde wah. sounds very zakk, if you know what i mean.
i think pretty much all crybabies sound similar, but i havent used many.
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