For Sale, Mexican Standard Stratocaster w/ Lindy Fralin Pickups and Locking tuners

This is a great guitar. I found it in a store about a year ago and played it for like an hour thinking it was an american strat. When I found out it was mexican I just had to jump on it and get it. This is one of those guitars that you think they must have accidentally made to be this good, cause its just better than any other Mexican strat I've ever played. Anyone who tries it thinks its an american strat before I tell them what it is. it has a brown sunburst body and maple fretboard, 21 frets. It's in perfect condition. I have modified it with Schaller locking tuners ($69.99 value), and a set of Lindy Fralin Vintage hot single coil Pickups (220$ value) . Fralins are some of the best boutique single coils around right now. They make this great guitar even better. The original price of a Standard Sunburst Mexican Strat is $430, and this one has $290 dollars worth of modification on it. I'm only selling it cause I went on a serious binge and bought a $3000 guitar so I might as well make that one the "one". so for upwards of $700 worth of value, you can take this guitar with a gig bag included for $350 plus shipping. does everyone think thats fair?

Because footstools are cool - UG's Classical Guitarists
pictures of course available on request. I'm shipping out of Lafayette Louisiana 70506

Because footstools are cool - UG's Classical Guitarists
I am possibly interested, if i could get you to pm me some pics that would be great
if you pm me your email adress. I'll be more than happy to.

Because footstools are cool - UG's Classical Guitarists