So, Ive been playing guitar for 2 years now. First year acoustic only and last christmas I got myself an Ibanez GSA60 in HSS config + a Vox DA5 Amp. I know not that great stuff.

But now it's time to move on and I thought I should get myself a new gear.
I play a lot of rock like Foo Fighters, Beatsteaks, some classic rock like zepplin, ACDC, guns n roses but also stuff like Chili Peppers, a little bit of Clapton, Beatles and so on so pretty mixed stuff.
The question is which type of guitar should I get? Is an Epi Les Paul a good choice?
I was also thinkin about a Firebird copy cuz i somehow love the design of it.
So recommendations needed. I wanted to spend round 500 Euros which is about 650-700 bucks.

Second question: The amp. I'm like totally new to that stuff and I have no idea which one to go with. I don't play electric that much, but often enough to be unhappy with my actual gear. So any help appreciated. Shouldnt be too expensive though...

3rd question: Effects, Drive pedals and so on? What are the must haves (Ok Overdrive is clear but anything else like chorus?)

Thanks in advance for your help!
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500 Euros on it all, or just the guitar? A Les Paul would be a good choice. Very versatile, and it could get you those tones. Firebird would be good too. I personnaly don't like the shape. Try out some gear. That's what's going to make up your mind.

I'd reccomend a tube amp, as I'm sure most people on here will. Effects, the ones most people have are Wah, Overdrive, Distortion, Delay, Chorus. That would work with what you play. I'd reccomend maybe a multi-effects pedal just to give you a first taste with effects. I've been thinking of getting a Digitech RP250. I've read some good reviews.
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Epi's are pretty decent guitars for the amount they run.

My suggestion is a Peavey Vypyr 30 (getting great reviews and I'm thinking of snagging either the 75 watt ss or 60 watt tube) and either an Epi G-400 or a fender mexi fat strat. If you shop online that should be around your 500 euro mark.

Effects? Don't worry about them yet. Try to get an amp that gives you a sound you like first, then get a few effects. After all, you may not like what you get and that'll be cash/time wasted.

First thing's first though, take a trip to a local shop and try everything you can get your hands on to get a feel for what features you might like in a guitar/amp.
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