I've had this amp for 3 months, and I just realized it's a lot more than I need. It's a 1994 model and in incredible shape, and I have a road case for it. Features include:

-50 watts
-"2" channels, the reason i use quotes is because the clean channel has a push pull pot. When pulled it doubles as a crunch channel. The Lead channel is amazing.
- Each channel has a gain knob, 3 band EQ, Reverb, Presence, and volume knob
- 5 band EQ, can be applied to either of the channels
- Parallel Effects loop w/ blend knob
- Headphone jack, speaker mute, recording out jack, slave out, two 4 ohm and one 8 ohm output
-The only issue is that the channel switch button on the foot switch is not functioning and probably needs to be re-soldered.

I don't plan on selling it, but I'll consider any reasonable trade offer.

Things of interest:
-High Quality, lower output amp heads
- Guitars (other than strats/ Super Strats)
-General rule of thumb: If I can find a use for it, I'll consider it.

Sweet amp, it's too bad you've deemed it too much for you. If I hadn't gotten my Traynor a few months back I'd be all over this. Just curious, if you were to go the monetary route, how much would you let it go for?
I got it in a trade for an American Telecaster and a small bit of cash. Conservatively, I wouldn't go below $725 w/ the case.
nice amp. sounds awesome huh?
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trade for a Peavey 5150 212 combo?
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Yea, it's a good amp. But it's either I trade it or get an attenuator.

Khoifish321, thanks for the offer, but I don't think a 5150 would be my cup of tea.