does anyone here own one of these? If so do you have problems with the synth function, cos when I use it it only pickes up half the notes I play which is a shame cos the sound it makes when it decides to do something is really good.
have you tried adjusting the sensitivity?
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I have a Zoom B1, And I know what the Problem is...

The Synth is Shit

The Solution?

Buy a seperate Synth Pedal

Sorry to say it, but the Synth is Just Terrible, It's Probably not a Problem in just your Unit, but a Problem with Zoom in general
I know, I did Love My Synth Sound too...but the Tracking is Just to horrible to make it useable...

I'd Reccomend and Ibamez Sb7, Autowah and Synth in one, Well, It's not Technically a "Synth" but a Synth Impersonater type thing...Why is it Good? It Has NO Tracking Problems, Every note you Play Will Come Through.
Try using the auto-wah on there along with the synth, it wah's each not making it go through the synth.
the mono synth is shite at tracking if you're playing fast. can't remember if the other synth models are any better.
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