not exactly, but im selling my fender roc pro 1000 half stack, and picking up a carvin nomad 112. im just wondering if im getting a decent deal. the thing is, the fender is a hybrid 100w, with a 4x12 cab. too loud for me. its huge, tough to transport, too big on the stages i play on. the carvin is an all tube 1x12 50w. everywhere i play i use a fender fm65 since its alot easier to move. its loud enough for what im doing, but its just a solid state, kinda crap sound, i have to run effects even on the clean channel to get anything worth listening to.

i can sell the half stack for $500, and get the carvin for $300 with a 2nd set of tubes.

worth it? better plan?


edit: i play kinda blues/funk/rock mixture with my band
Yeah, that looks like a really good deal to me.
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cool, i got someone coming tomorrow to pick up the fender. its a decent amp, just too much, and a hybrid, not full tube.
it's worth it
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Good deal, do it now...
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