I'm seriously going to go nuts or something because I'm the only person that plays guitar in Jane and Finch (that I know). I was just wondering if there is anyone that is looking for a jam buddy that lives near Jane and finch?

...I know this sounds gay and such. lol
I'm at Finch and Weston, too bad I'm out of the country
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I'm at Kipling and Eglinton, not too far away from Jane and Finch, I refuse to go there after dark though, I know a few people who were murdered there.
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are you black?
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ya I'm from Toronto, though I now live in Montreal for school and I would never go to jane & finch to play music. However, it's the biggest city in Canada there are thousands of guitar players and musicians
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Lol. TS wants us to come to Jane and Finch with our instruments.

ya I think TS wants to either rob us or for us to get robbed/shot or mabye both
I shot JR

Oh Canada Our Home and Native Land
I live in Ontario, and I don't know where you are talking about, from the responses it seems like a bad place.
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People who live in Jane & Finch have items of value? Like guitars, computers, and the internet? Jesus...you learn something new everyday.
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Ottawa, Ontario! W00T!

YEAH MAN!!!! i got the opposite problem here, too many ppl playing guitar, none of them any good