I am currently working on a song, and one of the parts I wrote for it contains a 1 bar riff that contains 19 8th notes with no rests, which if I'm not wrong would make it in 19/8 time. The riff contains 5 sets of triplets followed by 2 sets of 8th note pairs. Now, I'm pretty sure that I could write this as 7/4 if I counted the triplets as whole notes. Would this work or am I wrong? Because I plan on presenting this to one of my bands in which one of the members knows nothing about theory, so to him 7/4 would sound much less daunting then 19/8.
Do two 4/4 bars and then one 3/8 bar?

It's even simpler than 7/4.
I don't think that would work because the 5 triplets are played consecutively, then the two 8th note pairs are played immediately after, so I'm pretty sure it would wind up with one bar of 4/4 and one bar of 7/8. I appreciate the input though