So i currently own a behringer xenyx 1204 mixer and I'm looking into getting an external sound card so i can plug my mixer into the sound card and then plug that directly into my laptop/PC via USB (laptop doesn't have firewire or anything else).

So i guess my question is:
What external USB sound cards would work good with my mixer?

Also, what recording program would you guys recommend?
-I currently have a crappy version of Cakewalk Sonar 4.

PS. If i should post this elsewhere please tell me.
You mixer doesn't function as an external sound card? Maybe M-audio interfaces are worth looking into.
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Buuuut, I'll help anyway. Get a 2 channel USB Sound Interface. Something from M-Audio will include Pro-Tools, and it's excellent.
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Sweet guys! Thanks

Yeah, i was looking at M-Audio (mainly cause they're cheap and USB compatible) but i wasn't sure. And yes my mixer does work as an interface, but i get a really crappy sound out of it, so I was looking into sound cards for my comp, but i was told to get a nice external one. So I'll check out M-Audio's selection and see what i can get to help me out.

Am i right in thinking an external card will improve my sound quality? (mostly having problems with distortion sounding like static)