Found another one from a year and half ago, shitty recording quality I know. Let me know what you think, areas to improve on, what sections can stay/go.

Once again, the mic I was using at the time was a very shitty 5 dollar mic, that and I didn't really know how to record stuff and I had only been playing guitar for a short while. After listening to this song today I realized I should have used a metronome back then, so sloppy =(

There are a lot of parts in this song that sound awkward (pauses/transitions), that's because the bass/drums/rhtyhm track are missing, I remember this song as being pretty sick w/ all those combined, alas I lost the guitar pro tab for it when I got my new computer.

One of my more dissonant sounding songs, I love the chorus, this was so long ago I have to actually re-learn the song, I should have kept the tab =(