Poll: Do you smash things hoping it would work again?
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View poll results: Do you smash things hoping it would work again?
34 76%
11 24%
Voters: 45.
Yea just a simple question. Do you have the bad habit of smashing, trowing etc stuff that ain't working, hoping it would work again?

I myself do that all the time, and sometimes it seems to help, and sometimes it just gets worse I punch my TV when it ain't working, and it helps Im so cool.

What about you guys? What have you smashed hoping would work again? Did it work?
For instance, my watch had a habit of breaking - tis a mechanical one - so I'd hit it, and it would work again. But yesterday, I hit it too hard and now there is just a soup of broken metal inside a case. I liked that watch, twas my great grandfather's.
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this girl i knew dropped her phone and it stopped working. so she figured if she threw it at the ground again, it would start working. when she threw it, it about broke in half.

she was drunk. hammered. could barely walk without knocking things over.

hopefully that puts it into context for you....
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tv usually works..

also its usually through frustration i hit it, not hoping to fix it.. if it fixes it, its all good!
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I find it most effective when doing it with remotes I also smashed my friends guitar hero guitar becouse i said it would work again.

I didn't work.
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