I've been going back and fourth on what pickups I want to upgrade to, and I still haven't been able to decide. I'm looking to get some good passive pickups that would be good for high gain/progressive. I have a PRS SE Custom with a mahogany body, set in mahogany neck, and standard tremolo. I'm looking to get a bridge pickup with good crunch for high gain rhythm, and a neck pickup that is fairly bright for some "poppy" cleans and some pretty good soloing. Finally, I have decided I don't want active pickups, I think they sound great with metal, but I don't find them very versatile. Thanks a ton UG.
-Paul Reed Smith SE Custom
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I'm sorry, I forgot to say that I'll be running it through I Bugera 333XL 212
-Paul Reed Smith SE Custom
-Bugera 333XL 212
Seymour duncans are always good... but i don't know which kind.

I'd wait for other people to post, though. Lol.

stay away from high output pickups. get some moderate output pickups with good tonal character and use your amp and pedals to get your overdrive and distortion sounds.

seymour duncan makes great pickups. pearly gates is a good choice. visit their website. it's actually very helpful in deciding what kind you want.
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For the bridge i use a Dimarzio Steves special which is good for that type of stuff, but looking back on it now i think i would of liked the D sonic in there. So deffinatly check out those two.

I absolutely love my Dimarzio Evo in my neck, it gives off this really smooth solo sound and the cleans i really like on it.
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DiMarzio makes some awesome pickups that I'd really suggest you try out.

The PAF Pro is by far my favorite neck pickup that I've ever used.

A lot of people aren't to fond of it, but I really like the Tone Zone in the bridge. When split, its clean tone sounds better than any single coil pickup I've ever heard, not split, it's way too bassy

The next guitar I get will probably have an Evolution in the bridge though. A lot of people hate these pickups because it picks up so much of your mistakes, but to me, that's a good thing, as it forces you to play better, plus they're really crisp and clean sounding.

Other DiMarzios you might consider:
Air Norton

Also, you could go the Duncan route and check out:
Custom Custom

Really, it's up to you. It's really hard to find a pickup you're going to love not being able to try it out first on your guitar.
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I'd put a Dimarzio PAF Pro in the neck and a Dimarzio Super Distortion or Dimarzio D-Sonic in the Bridge.
i agree with the dude that says dont get high out put pick ups....unless you like alot of noise,...my guitar is also all mahogany with a set neck and i have tried a few of the pick ups
listed here...the drop sonic is an amzing pick up in the bridge position..and dont be put off by the "it's only for drop tunings" mombo jumbo...the worst was the evolution..i couldnt get that thing out of my guitar fast enough....and the thing is..i tried one in a ibanez through my amp !!

good luck
I'm thinking Dimarzio Norton in the bridge, Humbucker from Hell in the neck.
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