Every tube amp i see / read in posts are over $900 and are definatly more than i need. My current amp is a POS Behringer 2x10 modeling amp which cant really handle any distortion playing other than power chords (soloing sounds like crap) . Are there any tube amps that have a good distortion channel (Metal) and decent clean channel around $500? Since ill just be playing for practice or with friends preferably a combo. And please nothing genere specific because i will be playing other generes but the distortion/able to be distored is priority

I play on a shecter C-1 artist and have an RP350 which ill prob toss out once i get a decent tube.
Peavey ValveKing 112
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Thanks for the replys, i watched a demo and it sounds exactly what im looking for!

I know i shouldnt ask this until i try it out for myself but with this being my first possible "real" amp would distortion/overdrive pedals be necesiary? Also anyone have any negative against the valveking or any other amps to recommend?

And a Randall RG50tc.
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for a budget, the VK is great. And a Digitech Bad Monkey OD pedal will tighten up the distortion great (only $49.99 NEW!)

You'll need to swap the speaker, though if you want metal... the stock ones are too muddy.
WGS Veteran 30s (www.warehouseguitarspeakers.com) are great for it... only $65.00

and buy the time you spend the money upgrading the valveking, you could get the randall or b-52. Just saying...
depends on what the upgrades ARE... so far, i've only swapped out the speaker ($65), and the "Dummy Plug" mod (~$2-3). Tubes aren't expensive either. OD is good to have, but mine was free!

Other mods are just for fun/a better tone...